We are the Southern Lakes agent for Spirits Unlimited, all brewing stock featured on their website is available now from Brew-Worx at the same prices indicated, if not in stock we will get it in for you within 2 working days! Check out the link below for any particular product you may require; don't pay freight, just pop in and get it from us!

We also carry an extensive range from Still Spirits, Mangrove Jack's, Black Rock, a huge selection of Yeasts for all styles of Beer and Wine, and all the hops and grains to produce your own craft beer.


Brew Worx Brewing

  • Spirit Stills
  • Homebrew Beer Kits
  • Fermenters
  • Hydrometers
  • Thermometers
  • Yeasts and Nutrients
  • Vodkamaker™
  • Literature and Guides
  • Spirit Flavours and Liqueur Concentrates
  • Cider and Gingerbeer Kits
  • Hops and Grains
  • Brew Enhancers and Dextrose Sugar
  • Sterilisers, Disinfectants and Chemical Cleaners
  • Bottling and Capping
  • Heat Pads and Heat Belts

Come in and take a look, or browse our suppliers catalogue Spirits Unlimited online catalogue.


Love beer! Try the Craft Series from Mangrove Jack's range, add extra malt to boost the alcohol and then double hop for the true connoisseur!