We are the Southern Lakes agent for Spirits Unlimited, all brewing stock featured on their website is available now from Brew-Worx at the same prices indicated, if not in stock we will get it in for you within 2 working days! Check out the link below for any particular product you may require; don't pay freight, just pop in and get it from us!


Brew Worx Brewing

  • Spirit Stills
  • Homebrew Beer Kits
  • Fermenters
  • Hydrometers
  • Thermometers
  • Yeasts and Nutrients
  • Vodkamaker™
  • Literature and Guides
  • Spirit Flavours and Liqueur Concentrates
  • Cider and Gingerbeer Kits
  • Hops and Grains
  • Brew Enhancers and Dextrose Sugar
  • Sterilisers, Disinfectants and Chemical Cleaners
  • Bottling and Capping
  • Heat Pads and Heat Belts

Come in and take a look, or browse our suppliers catalogue Spirits Unlimited online catalogue.


Also just recently landed the new Craft Series from Mangrove Jack's, for the true connoisseur!